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Lawsuit Advance Loans

A lawsuit advance loan is not a loan it is just an advance on the settlement of a case. People often call lawsuit advances – loans but they are not. Advances don’t have to be paid back like a loan would and are contingent on the outcome of the settlement they were paid on. Any sort of litigation funding is expensive and you should read “the truth about lawsuit loans”.

People who have pending personal injury cases often exhaust all of their available finances and become somewhat desperate. These people often look to get an advance on the anticipated settlement payout, the problem is the lawsuit financing companies are not always reputable and will take advantage of the injured persons desperation. People who are looking for advances, loans, or other funding options need to educate themselves before signing anything. The pre-settlement funding industry is largely unregulated and there are many pitfalls for the unsuspecting buyer. Lawsuit settlement loans should be avoided and if absolutely necessary, then reputable financing companies should be used and still questioned.

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