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Low Rate Lawsuit Funding

Low Rate Lawsuit Funding     Low rate lawsuit funding is not always the best bet, because a lot of funding companies advertise low rate funding to get you in the door, but once you are show interest they confuse you and hide fees and rates. Then low rate lawsuit funding turns out to be […]

6 Reasons why you might need a lawsuit loan

1. You have no money and are too injured to work 2. You have tried to borrow money from banks and can’t 3. You have tried to borrow money from family and can’t 4. You have sold a lot of things you don’t need to raise money and still need more 5. You need the […]

Pre-Lawsuit Loans

It is difficult to get a loan pre-lawsuit because settlement funding companies need you to be represented by a lawyer and to have a case already underway. The lending company needs to look at the facts of the case and determine if they can advance you money on your case. If you are inquiring about […]

Loan Lawsuits

Do you think you need a loan on your lawsuit? You probably don’t. Try and find other places to get money like from a bank, credit cards, line of credit on your home. All of these options are cheaper and likely better than a loan on your lawsuit settlement. Pre-settlement funding companies advertise a lot […]