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Category Archives: Pre-Settlement Funding Info

Lawsuit Advance Loans

A lawsuit advance loan is not a loan it is just an advance on the settlement of a case. People often call lawsuit advances – loans but they are not. Advances don’t have to be paid back like a loan would and are contingent on the outcome of the settlement they were paid on. Any […]

Litigation Funders

Litigation funders are people or companies who invest in lawsuit settlement outcomes by advancing money in exchange for a portion of a future settlement. A litigation funder will review the facts of the case and decide the likely outcome and the likely timeframe for the outcome and offer money now for the future right. If […]

Are Lawsuit Loans Ethical?

Shortest answer is… Depends.   A short but detailed answer is…. It depends on a lot of factors. If we take the premise that educated and equally informed adults can enter into contracts then lawsuit loans or pre-settlement funding agreements can be ethical if both parties are equally situated. The main problem with most settlement […]

Reputable pre – settlement funding companies.

How do you know if you have found a reputable lawsuit loan company? If the company will take the time to honestly answer your questions and does not try to hide how expensive pre settlement funding can be you are probably on the right track. If you are asking yourself this question you obviously need […]

Is there a difference between lawsuit loans, lawsuit funding and pre-settlement funding?

There really is no difference, these three names all refer to the same product. The term lawsuit loan is used because a loan is the easiest way to describe what is happening, somebody gives you money now and it gets paid back later. These are not loans because they are contingent on the outcome of […]

How do I get a lawsuit loan?

First, you must be represented by an attorney and your case must be pending. If this is the case you contact a pre-settlement funding company and give them the basic information about your case and the contact information of your attorney. The funding company reaches out to your attorney to get the required information on […]

Lawsuit loans

Lawsuit loans are completely unregulated in almost all states, which means that interest rates and fees can be obscured, and companies aren’t required to provide transparent pricing information. The companies claim not to be lenders and should not be regulated as such since they will get nothing if the case loses. If the case is […]